Bastille – Laura Palmer

I’ve been out at Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference all week in San Francisco drinking from the fire hose of new information related to all the goodness they released on Monday. Music always plays a big part at almost every Apple event from the music they play between sessions to the guest band that plays the wrap up “bash” at the end of the week. This year Bastille played a set.  They weren’t bad. Not a band I would seek out but they have some quirks that intrigue me. The band is obsessed with the TV show Twin Peaks and are fond of doing covers. Last night they played TLC’s “No Scrubs” and just for fun they mash that up with the guitar riff and a verse or two from The XX’s “Angels”. Anyhoo, I couldn’t find that track on Spotify so I’m throwing in “Laura Palmer”. Not my typical pick but what the hell it’s catchy and it was fun to pogo too at the show.

Bastille – Laura Palmer

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