The Coathangers – Smother

The Coathangers (Minnie, Crook Kid, and Rusty) are an all female punk rock band out of Atlanta, GA. Their third album, Suck My Shirt, is chock full of bite sized, fast hitting tracks. The songs aren’t that complex (hey, it’s punk) but what draws me in are their voices. Rusty and Minnie sing in two very distinct styles: one rough gravely, the other softer and more controlled. Individually or together it works for me. “Adderall” has that raw sound that makes me wince. I can only imagine what her throat feels after belting that one out. The vocal style on “Merry Go Round” does a 180. It reminds me so much of a young Kate Pierson. Maybe it’s a tip of the hat towards Athens? The Coathangers are a blast and my pick for the week is the track “Smother”. Turn it up loud, give it a listen, and let me know what you think.


The Coathangers – Smother

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