Is WikiLeaks a News Organization?

The more I think about WikiLeaks the more convinced I become that this is an organization trying to do good. I believe that in releasing the Iraqi War Papers or the latest dump of State Department Cables Wikileaks is shedding light into the inner workings of our own government. While I do believe there is need for secrecy and confidentiality in many government operations I believe this capability is given by mandate of the people. If the government is operating counter to the will, or in a way detrimental to the well-being of the people, this capability can and should be taken away. The government operating in secrecy, without proper oversight, and accountability to the people becomes a government that is prone to wrong-doing, deceit, and in severe cases treason. When the government operates this way its every citizens duty to repeal the mandate of power by means granted to us in the constitution. That includes whistle-blowing and leaking information to the press.
Whistle-blowing helped bring an end to the Viet-nam War, the corrupt Nixon administration, and were instrumental in breaking down the power of tobacco companies. So how different is Daniel Ellsberg leaking the Pentagon Papers to the New York Times from someone in the military leaking the Iraq War papers to Julian Assange? Not much if you think about it.

Is WikiLeaks a News Organization?

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