It’s Time to Limit the Power of the TSA

I fly a lot. It’s an occupational necessity. When the TSA was first introduced after 9/11 I though it was a good idea to have stepped up and consistent security procedures at our airports. So after years of dealing with the TSA, I believe we now have a system that is clearly out of control.
We have all heard the TSA horror stories. At first they were few and far between but now it seems like I hear of these transgressions on a weekly basis. The latest incident at San Diego International Airport I find particularly distasteful and alarming. Full body scanners? Invasive unwarranted search? What’s next?
The body scanners the TSA wants to deploy are slow, potentially harmful (especially for frequent flyers), and a violation of our rights. The TSA and other agencies say they can’t and won’t store those images, but there are no guarantees those scanner images won’t turn up on the Internet.
It’s time to stop this madness. Start at Fly with Dignity. Get involved. Get educated. Then call you senator and congress person and ask them to take action. It only takes a few minutes to register a policy concern and it does have an effect. I had an hour of my live back when a customer cancelled a conference call so I called my senators and my congressman. I was done in 15 minutes and that includes contacting my state legislators. Here in NJ we have a local resolution to send a signal to legislators at the national level to stop the deployment of these body scanners in our airports.
There has got to be a better way. Stepping up questioning at airports is probably a better idea.

It’s Time to Limit the Power of the TSA

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