Downloading the Catalog

I’m up too late but I don’t have much to do tomorrow. I’ll be riding jet plane east; home-ward bound. What’s keeping me up is the download. I bought the Beatles complete catalog on iTunes and since I’m on the road connected to the Internet via a slow hotel link, this is taking longer than I’d like. I’m playing them as they download. They are coming in chronological “release date” order. I’m only at “Hard Day’s Night”.
I’ve owned this music in different forms vinyl, 8-track, cassette, and CDs. Those physical objects have been lost, sold, and some re-purchased as CDs and imported into my digital music library. Not all of it. I’ve never had it all in one place or in one format until now. I was always too broke or too busy to gather every track and import it into my library. That’s been remedied. One click and it’s all over but the downloading. I’m grateful Apple and Apple have been able to come to an agreement. It’s made my life easier. This hasn’t been a day I’ll remember forever and it isn’t a revolution. It should have happened long ago. That being said, one of my musical wishes has been granted today.
Since wishes normally come in threes, I have two more wishes to tempt the muses and the powers that be in the music business tonight. The first is that the release of the Beatles on iTunes will expose more young kids to this music. Trust me kids. Listen to it. It’s good for you. My second wish is that the Zappa family and Apple come together (no pun intended) to make the complete works of Frank Zappa available on iTunes.
Woohoo! Here comes Revolver! Good night folks.

Downloading the Catalog

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